Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Living Relationship or a Dead Relationship

A few days back, I met a friend who had been living with his girlfriend for the last five years without marriage. It's a very common thing now a day and you would be really surprised if anyone shows one's astonishment over these things. But, one question remains. Was this common 20 years back? We all know that it was not. So, what is that cause which has brought such drastic change in the entire set up of the society? Is it being more technological which has led to this effect? The answer would be and should a big no. then, is the wave of modernization responsible for this change? I know many would nod their heads in the positive direction. But, again it would be denied from my side. Dear friends, if we call this the result of being modernized then the word “modernization” itself have been taken in a wrong sense. In my opinion, modernization is the development of thoughts in a positive direction rather than shedding of morals and values.

Without deviating from our main topic, let's come back to the topic of living relationships. Accumulating the results of the thoughts from all directions, the central point blames the society itself which is formed of none other than us. Sometimes, it's the pressure of the society and the family of a person which forces him to reach the peak before getting into a bond. And that's very good for the future support. But, what about the ability of the person himself? Is he capable of maintaining his chastity till marriage or trying to exploit others for enjoyment and the privilege of being single? Some drives become so dominating that the emotions and even the precious bonds of the life seem a time pass. So, the first point which comes out is the lack of marriage at the proper age which leads to such an outcome. Girls need a kind of security and the boys urge for theemotional support and in order to meet these needs, they move to take such decisions in their lives. Many people reading this article may not agree with me as the above reason may not stand true for them.

So, the other reason may be the fear of breakage. Many a times, people having already suffered in such bonds don't feel interested in marriage as it becomes a social symbol with a long process and much other legality whereas the living relationships can be broken at any point of time without such issues. Although now a days government of many countries have started to stand in favor of long living relationships or domestic partnersbut the problem still persists. So, the primary reason which comes out of this discussion is the lack of commitment, the disrespect of social bonds and the lack of tolerance in relationships. And yes, that's the answer. The young man whom I referred in the beginning may not have guts to marry and get into a social bond but can continue to live in such a relationship as it fulfills his goals with every kind of freedom. If it's not true, then why doesn't he marry? I know the reason as he is my friend and he also agrees with that as he has many friends living in living but dead relationships for the same reason. Yes, I agree that sometimes, when man wants to marry the woman may not be interested and if the woman shows interest then the man may not give green signal. But, is living relationship the solution of this issue? Many minute things for us but of mountainous size for the couple are also there such as the fuss involved in divorces, legalities related to the rights on children and other insurance related questions which refrains the couple from doing so.

To rule over one's emotions and feelings and to love someone is the greatest achievement of one's life. A person may fail once, twice or may be thrice but not throughout his life. So, please move ahead and give a social name and respect to your relationship and get into a bond which the God would also admire. Think about the future and the children born out of such relationships. What would be their fault? Why should they suffer for the lack of commitment of their parents? So, friends, come out of the fear and become committed in your lives and for living a better life. Give your life a new direction and let your love live to the utmost with the highest respect in front of the whole world

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Are you Single, not Ready to Mingle?

In the past one decade, the number of people preferring to be single has increased drastically. Here, we are not discussing about the those who are divorced or living alone due to other unavoidable circumstance, but those  who love the status of being single and enjoy the freedom offered by it.

 So, let’s not confuse these happy singletons with people who are feeling alone or isolated from others. These people certainly live alone, but neither do they neither feel lonely nor are they isolated. They love spending time with friends and do social work as per their availability.

This happy single world reveals the affluence, social security as well as cultural tolerance. So, what’s the reason behind this booming culture of going single? By living alone as singles, people accomplish all the modern values like freedom and complete check on one’s own time and space. It can be called as a search for that solitude which allows a person to socialize on his or her own terms without any kind of interference. The other reason can be they are saved from sharing space with any wrong person with whom they can’t go along well.

The drastic increase in the number of people going single can be mainly due to the reason that the present generation is better trained as well as equipped for that. Living alone in your house can keep you connected with everyone as social media is always at your help.

Society generally consider singletons as people looking for a match, however it’s not always true as they prefer enjoying the freedom of the moment than waiting for a person who will obviously restrict the free bird attitude to some extent.

So, it’s only one’s interdependence which makes the independence possible. Singletons get a happier place to live today as now we are more socially connected with each other even while living alone.

Do you Regret for Marrying the Wrong Person?

We all have met a lot of people in our lives who regret for being unable to marry the right person or just for being with a wrong person. So, who is wrong and who is right? Before answering this question, let me ask if any of us regret for getting wrong parents, siblings or children. May be very few who feel side about these relations. There’s a big reason behind this. We don’t have a choice to choose parents, siblings or even our children.

It has been revealed that a large number of couples these days feel all the charm sucked out of their marital bliss after the initial phase. And, then the thought comes, may be they have married the wrong person.
Yes, a person is certainly with a wrong partner if he or she is suffering from any kind of abuse or chronic infidelity. However, being unable to cope up with the new events in one’s married life can’t be pointed out to the partner. For this, we somewhere ourselves are responsible.

The success of a marriage doesn't lie in marrying the right person, but in adopting the right attitude and showing sincere interest in making one’s marital bond last forever. It is never too late to make the right effort and rekindle the charms of your relationship.

In marriage, we always have a lot of choice to choose from. Even after 25 years of the marriage, people keep wondering if they had selected the right person or they could have selected someone better. The truth is that it all lies inside us and our capability to handle the situation in the right manner. If you are waiting for an answer asked in the beginning of this write up, then I believe that it only lies in our right attitude. So, we need to just think that all are married to the right person, the need is only to use the right attitude towards that person and things will automatically fall into place.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Essence of Literature

With the increased pressure in our lives, hope we are not forgetting the importance of literature. In fact, this is the right time to acknowledge the literary value and divulge in that. What is literature? It is the expression of the truth and beauty of this world which we remain unnoticed by us. 

How do we judge a literary work? In other words, we can call this the qualities of literature. The very first quality of literature is its artistic beauty, the beauty which takes us to a different imaginative world away from the worldly worries and gives a peaceful and serene environment. The second is the suggestiveness or the long trail of thoughts expressed through a single sentence. 

How can we forget the famous line of the Greek tragedy which reveals the entire tragedy hidden in the ecstatic beauty in a single sentence ‘Was this the face that launched a thousand ships?’ The third quality of literature is its permanence. It is not limited to any nation or even a continent but it crosses all the boundaries and includes the entire human race, in the same way it is not limited to any age but lives across all the ages and enlightens everyone.

The time is to remind these qualities of literature and produce the literature of the true sense. If literature is the presentation of our lives, then let’s focus a little more on the quality of literature. Writing for the sake of writing cannot even touch the essence of literature, for that, we need to dive deep in to the world and come out with the golden shining words which can enlighten everyone.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is This Modernization?

Being a part of this modernized world, where are we leading to? Has this word got only limited to our clothes and show off? Our brains are continuously getting washed off the true meaning of life given by our ancestors. Modernization lies in our mind, our thinking and the way in which we take things. 

It's the breaking of rigid and meaningless customs and leading towards a smooth life. It's to see the world with a new spectacle and awakening our eternal self and to achieve progress and success through the positive change in our thoughts and formula adopted for works.

Modernization, modernization everywhere, but true followers nowhere. If people had known the true meaning of modernization, the crime graph against women wouldn't have gone so high. The polluted and violent minds of the opposite sex are caused mainly by the false singers of modernity. 
It's true to say "nudity present everywhere, so seems nowhere." But, it can be proved wrong if people try to understand the meaning of modernization in the real sense for which not the physical effort but a lot of mental effort is required. 

It's not impossible to control the spread of this disease as germs have only affected a part of the body which forgot its purpose of existence in the merry-go-round of luxury. There's still a vast part which can be avoided from the affect of this slow poison which can show drastic result at the end of the story when all comes at an end.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where are we going?

Being a part of this modernized world, where are we leading to? Has this word got only limited to our clothes and show off? Our brains are continuously getting washed off the true meaning of life given by our ancestors. Modernization lies in our mind, our thinking and the way in which we take things. It's the breaking of rigid and meaningless customs and leading towards a smooth life. It's to see the world with a new spectacle and awakening our eternal self and to achieve progress and success through the positive change in our thoughts and formula adopted for works.

Modernization, modernization everywhere, but true followers nowhere. If people had known the true meaning of modernization, the crime graph against women wouldn't have gone so high. The polluted and violent minds of the opposite sex are caused mainly by the false singers of modernity. It's true to say “nudity present everywhere, so seems nowhere.” But, it can be proved wrong if people try to understand the meaning of modernization in the real sense for which not the physical effort but a lot of mental effort is required. It's not impossible to control the spread of this disease as germs have only affected a part of the body which forgot its purpose of existence in the merry-go-round of luxury. There's still a vast part which can be avoided from the affect of this slow poison which can show drastic result at the end of the story when all comes at an end.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Do You Love Yourself?

Many a times, we are bothered by such petty things in our lives which become a matter of laughter for others. But, still the questions keep on revolving in our minds with out the rarest possibility of being answered. Even though we know the common answers, then also we keep on waiting for some answers which may not be able to convince us but at least satisfy the hunger of our hearts.

Beauty is called the gift of god, then should ugliness be assumed as the curse of god? What is beauty? A great man said that it lied in the eyes of the beholder. True. Yes, absolutely true. A person can be considered beautiful by millions except one soul that is his own self. Is there any way to come out of this situation?

This is a kind of disease which has started overpowering the youngsters of the modern world cutting them off from their own potentials and lowering it to just the thought of ugliness. Consciousness of one’s own body grows to such an extent that a person starts forgetting his/her real identity. He/ she may be ten times better than the other at the intellectual, spiritual and the understanding level but the counting of shortcomings at the physical level by his/her own self kills all the other potentials refraining him from even trying his hands in the field he is capable to be at the top.

Many research works have shown that beauty boosts the confidence and it’s made more popular by the people discouraging their skills for the lack of beauty and others encouraging their worth by the lack of consciousness.

The solution lies in considering oneself the best and coming out of the restraints of the physical level which sometimes becomes really difficult. This is not easy as the whole problem starts from here and ends at the same point. But, let’s start to understand this and try and experiment with the actual facts rather than feeling frustrated with the sympathy of others which discourages us even more. We very well understand how it feels when we innocently ask a person, “how do I look?” and the reply comes with a true and a pinching fact, “God made everyone so, everyone is beautiful.” We acknowledge the fact and also understand the difference in the same answer if it had been asked by a really beautiful person. Here, a really beautiful person is measured on the scale of the physical level.

So, why to discourage and demean ourselves with such silly questions? Let’s rise ourselves at other levels which beauty can’t even touch and people can’t dare to ignore. Our identity lies in our skills and can be polished by our efforts. Let’s create a situation when people become forced to say,” Beauty in vain, skills make a man or a woman.” Time is to encourage our souls and force the beauties to learn from our beautiful souls.

Life is very short, so run fast to keep a pace with your thoughts, set an ambition and achieve the peak and get convinced that you are among the best. Why to die unconvinced and unsatisfied with our own lives? God did injustice, so do justice to you. Don’t leave any stone unturned to establish your own identity. Everyone dies physically with which beauty also vanishes, so achieve the beauty which can’t even be snatched by death and gets appreciated till the world lives.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Think Twice Before You Commit Suicide

There can be thousands of reasons which a person can give for committing suicide. And the traumatic situation through which a person undergoes can't ever be understood by the other person. People visit psychologists for consultancies. And then also the mind remains contemplating on the aspects of suicide. Can you think of the mother of all the reasons which forces a person to commit suicide? Yes, and that's also a common human tendency. Every human being wants to have an easy solution for every depressing situation and if he remains unable to get rid of the situation, he tries to get rid of his life.

If we think of the simple reasons for not committing suicide then the simplest is that it's a crime. And becoming a little mythological, we can say that life is beautiful and given by god only once. But, do these reasons stop a person from committing suicide? No. why? Because neither life seems beautiful to him nor it seems as a gift by the almighty.

But, there exists a practical and logical reason which should be given to all such thinkers in order to refrain them from taking their lives. A simple question. Have you seen life after death? What will you do if it comes out to be more disastrous than this one? Will you be able to come back in this life? You are at least aware about this life, its people and your situations but there are no clues about the cold cave in which you dare to enter.

If this logical reason doesn't satisfy you, then do an experiment. Live with an old man above 60 for some days. You will realize that he always tries to get up early in the morning and sleep early at night.

There is a reason behind it. By this time he has understood the importance of life either good or bad. Slowly and gradually he becomes aware of the passing time and his approaching death which will separate him from this beautiful life. That's why he tries to live every day as complete as possible. So, this is my request to all those people who think of committing suicide to think twice preparing yourself to mix the beautiful body in the dust on which you walk. Suicide presents only our cowardice and inability to face the tests of the almighty and completion of it facing all the troubles successfully makes you a human being in true sense.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is It a Forceful Divorce?

It happens many a times, while signing the divorce papers also, our mind remains parted about the right and the wrong. Why? Because we still love that person or at some corner of our heart or we know that the person still loves us. When does this conflict arise? And even after sitting in two boats, we don't try to stabilize ourselves. Rather we try to leave both the boats and fall in the middle forever just for saving one's ego. 

Who doesn't try to save one's relationship, the bond closest to one's heart? But, why does it still fail? Because we try to save the love in the same manner by which we get the love. As saving something is much more difficult than breaking it and we try to apply the same efforts in both the cases, that's why the relationship goes for a toss.

Can you all imagine three things which you follow in such circumstances? Yes, I knew. Either you would try to reassure the person or argument or express your deep love a thousand times. But these outcomes of our emotional frustration never work. Because the more you argue, the more stressed a relationship becomes. The more you try to hide your faults or show yourself on the right track, the more suspicious it becomes. And the more you try to express the part which never actually worked for the relationship, the less and less valuable it becomes.

The best way to save the relationship is to first agree with the reasons which lead to the disturbances in it and then rather than arguing for any part or trying to hide the scars with the expressions of love, we should act in a way that the other person knows the expressions himself/ herself. Till we try to show the negativity of the person and blame him for all the wrongs, no solution can be reached. But the moment we try to understand the situation and rather than pointing towards the wrong steps taken by the person, we start praising him for all the good things even less which he did, the person gets on the right track automatically.

 Everyone knows his/her shortcomings. And the very day we start following this path, the other person not only changes the things which we never liked but also the things which he/she may be aware about himself or herself. And from there itself the sweetness enters and remains there with the shooting graph forever.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who Can Fill This Gap?

The other day I felt overwhelmed for Mr. Mukesh Ambani whose palatial house in Mumbai ranked that street as the one of the most expensive streets of the world. But, this happiness couldn't persist when I saw the next day newspaper heading declaring 1/3rd of the Indian population among the poorest ones in the world. Tell me, how would you have felt if had been in my place? Being a middle class person, if on one side the sky scraping buildings astonish me then on the other side the straw huts and the burning bellies of my nation seem to diminish my pride.

The gap is really very wide and it becomes tough to fill the space when the two lines become so distant that they become invisible for each other. For the poor, the rich class belongs to some other planet and for the rich; the poor people don't even exist. Why does that happen? Because when the surface cracks, no one cares to look at the depth of the gap but prepares for the safety on the side one is parted with. And from there only the differences arise and the gap widens. A day comes when a person stops thinking about such issues or even recognize their existence in the society. And from there onward s  the rich forever becomes the blessed and the poor named as the cursed.

Is there any resolution for this? If democracy can't cover this gap then what other solution can be looked for. And, the foremost question is whether in this super technological, modernized and educated world, there remains the need for a system to bring such issues to an end. Yes, the major problem lies here. No one is concerned about these and has started taking it for granted. Think once if such thought ever came in your mind. If the sufferers, the bearers of such society are themselves not concerned then what a system of some selected people can do.

Such issues can only be resolved if every person actually starts thinking about it. Before giving a penny to a beggar a person should first think of the reason for his begging hands. And before celebrating the big birthday parties, a person should think of donating if possible at least 1% of the amount which can fill many starving stomachs. Believe me, the day we all start thinking in this direction instead of blaming the system, the gap will automatically be filled.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reasons for Rise in Divorce Cases

The rate of divorce has seen a steep rise in the past one decade. Now, it’s not limited to any specific class of the society as it was categorized before. Not only the ultra rich but, middle class couples are also suffering because of this.

Till the past few years, its shooting number was noticed in mainly the European nations but, now Asian and African nations have also joined the league. As per a recent survey, the highest number of divorced women lives in southern region of India.

Increased Pressure on Couples

The major reason for divorce is the increased pressure on the couples. It’s mostly seen in households where both the partners are working. Due to lucrative salaries offered by private companies, people become a part of it and most of the times end up burying their family lives under the burden of meeting targets.

No Time for Sex

The life for working couples becomes so busy that they hardly get any time for each other. By the end of the day, both get so tired that they lose interest in love making or spending some quality time with each other. Men feel frustrated as women don’t agree for sex and women feel tortured as they can’t even think of it after a tiresome job. So, both prove unsuccessful in respecting each other’s feelings and remain incapable in 

Handling Responsibilities.

Even some legal courts have also declared that the relationship of a husband and wife becomes estranged in case they don’t give enough time to each other. For maintaining the strength of the bond, it’s necessary to be with each other and understand as well as respect each other’s needs.

Lack of Time for Own Child

The burden on working couples is doubled if they have any child. With the taking over of nuclear families by joint families, the child has to be left in the hands of an ayah which involves a lot of risk. Apart from the risk factor, a kind of guilt also remains in the parents as they can’t squeeze out enough time for their child. This leads to increase in the frustration level.

Maladjustment Problems

Most of the divorces happen due to maladjustment problems between the couples. Generally, men want to get all the household chores done by women and women demand for help from men as both work and both get tired as well.

The need of the day is to make both the partners understand each other’s feelings. The time is to shed the patriarchal fever and live in the reality. Now, time has changed and there is no difference between a son and a daughter. Parents spend the same amount of money on their girls which they spend on their boys. So, from the beginning only if both the sexes are given equal importance, how can they accept a biased treatment after entering into the bond of marriage?

Lack of Tolerance

Apart from this, there is also lack of tolerance in the modern generation which converts a little spark into destructive fire bringing the relationship to an end. For this, the virtue of patience should be taught from the beginning itself as it can’t be inculcated in just a few years.

Solution- Set Priorities Beforehand

Not only one but, both are equally responsible in a marriage for making or breaking a relationship. So, the priorities of life should be set beforehand as the success and failures are all the outcomes of our own skills.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Changing trends- Changing relations

It focuses on the impact of relations shared among the present day generation due to the changed lifestyle.

The bond of marriage has not remained as strong as it used to be. The strings of the bond scatter very soon as the thought of its permanence are no longer persistent. The rate of divorce may differ in various nations, but the increasing rate is highlighted everywhere. The main cause for the weakened condition of this institution is our changed life style and the obsession with self rather than thinking about anyone else. It leads to other reasons such as lack of time, increasing pressure, career oriented goals and the motive to earn more and more.

As fire can only be extinguished with the help of water in the same way one person is needed to listen to the other when needed. This is the point where we lack. Due to the increasing work pressure, we can’t tolerate even the simple things as the stress and the self factor overpowers us. It’s good that we are financially more stable than we used to be, but if it takes us apart then the negative factor is ruling here. May be we don’t need our spouse for the economic stability, but the emotional hollowness always follows. We can go ahead and marry the other, but the gap continues till we mend ourselves.

The other cause for the fall of this institution is the loss of its need itself. We are no longer living in a world where sex before marriage is considered a taboo and living with a man without legal papers is a crime. Today, the fear of restriction stops us from being a part of marriage as we try to enjoy all the priorities without prioritizing the actual relation. Sometimes, it’s also the result of being suffered once and the case of not taking the chance second time.

It’s not that you continue with a rotten relation just to keep its name, but it’s also not logical to run away from a bond for the fear to be found rotten. With a changed society, the changed meanings of relations have become acceptable, the only need is to keep them intact and infuse stability in them more with the help of emotions rather than different attractions. How much ever we change or grow high, the need for emotional stability and the requirement of someone’s shoulder to lie upon in loneliness will always be felt if we are still human beings. Let’s grow with emotions, rise with love and benefit with togetherness. Nothing in the world is more soothing than the thought that someone is there who will always stand by you. Neither the money nor the growth goes to the grave, only remains are the feelings we take from others and leave with others. Trends have changed, thoughts have developed, but let the heart be in its place as its displacement is always hurting.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whom to Blame for a Divorce?

It's surprising as well as shocking to see the shooting rate of divorce cases in the society. There used to be a time when it was considered a tabooed aspect of one's life, but nowadays we have got used to it. And on top of that, there is not even the shortage of such people who feel proud in increasing the numbers of such cases in their lives. It's quite obvious that a person will file a divorce only if the marriage is not happy. With the modern age, people should have become more understanding with increased power of tolerance in their relationships, but the river seems to be flowing in the opposite direction.

Whose fault is that? The fault of technology or the fault of money. The fault of lifestyle or the fault of culture. In my opinion, none of these reasons can be set as curtains behind which such cases prop up. No and an absolute no! Because all the things mentioned above are feeling less and created by man himself. How could the owner be controlled by the things he created himself?

Yes, the rising graph of such cases held the people responsible themselves in 90% of the cases. Marriage, a bond for the permanent life, that's what mentioned at the time of marriage, is made a temporary relationship. Man made the money not the vice versa so, why he is getting into its trap and forgetting his roots. And it would not be wrong to blame those celebrities making records in the number of marriages and media waiting for the news of their divorce and spicy stories about the next marriage. What example do they set for us? Do you think a person not satisfied with his relationships can ever be satisfied with the power of money? Better, we common people look deep inside ourselves and understand the resolution for this. And this applies for both man and woman.

A man can become pregnant and a woman can become a father in this scientific world, but the instincts can't ever be changed. Divorce should be the last option as even Bible also stands against it. Not only mental depression and shock to the divorcees, but the badly affected part is the children they own as they become estranged and insecure in many ways any security be provided by the court.

The lack of commitment is the root cause of the increasing rate of divorces. Who doesn't fight and which place and person of the world is devoid of misunderstandings? But, it's the love, respect, tolerance for each other's feelings and emotions which keeps a relationship intact and forever green and going.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Deadly Drink

The whole world has become crazy for soft drinks. Being ready made and easily available in the market, soft drinks are favorites of everyone in our society whether young or old. And the attractive advertisements on television every minute has helped a lot in enhancing its rate of consumption. But, how hazardous it can be has never drawn anyone's attention. We are concerned about air and water pollution which kill us slowly, but what about that poisonous substance which hits us directly.
Intake of soft drinks leads to lower calcium levels and higher phosphate levels in the blood. And when phosphate levels are high and calcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones. The phosphate content of soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi is very high, and they contain virtually no calcium.

It poses a greater risk factor for children who can suffer from impaired calcification of growing bones. According to a research, increased soft drink consumption is a major factor that contributes to osteoporosis which is caused by low calcium and high phosphorus intake, high acid ash diet, high salt intake and mineral deficiencies.

A recent research has linked soft drinks to childhood obesity. It has also ranked the United States first among the countries with soft drink consumption. It also says that one extra soft drink a day gives a child a 60 percent greater chance of becoming obese. Not only children but for anyone over age 40, soft drinks can be especially hazardous because the kidneys are less able to excrete excess phosphorus, causing depletion of vital calcium. Heavy soft drink consumption can even interfere with body's metabolism of iron and diminish nerve impulse transmission.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Floods in Deserts: Miracle or Disaster?

It discusses the adverse affect of global warming on the environmental conditions.

Floods in deserts and melting glaciers! This is a strong indication of global climatic change which is not sudden. Human activities have just made it more prominent. 

Global warming is being caused by the green house effect which is trapping of the sun’s heat in the atmosphere by gases like CO2. Its effects are adverse. This has led to more frequent natural calamities, weather changes and increase in diseases. It is also affecting agriculture with early monsoons in India. Himalayan glaciers and arctic sea ice are melting. Soon one could go to the North Pole in a boat. The world needs to rethink of harmful effect on the environment.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Look Thinner Instantly

Everyone wants to look slim, but not everybody finds it easy to sweat in the gym and cut the diet. Apart from this, even if you are able to sacrifice everything, losing weight and becoming thinner is a time taking process.


Here are some tips which can help you look thinner in a fraction of seconds:

1. Take a Big Purse- A big purse hides those extra fats to a large extent and makes you look slimmer.

2. Wear a Long Top- It Covers the areas which expose your heavy weight to the largest extent. So, a stylish      long top can prove to be very helpful.

3. Stand Straight- Walking straight with confidence forces the people to ignore your weight and look at the whole personality.

4. Choose to wear a Dress with Vertical Lines- A dress with straight lines makes you look longer as well as thinner.

5. Opt for a High Pony Tail Hair do- With a high pony tail, your height is enhanced and your body also looks thinner.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Honor Killings- The Murder of Love

It focuses on the increasing number of murders in the name of honor in some parts of India.

Love, the most pure feeling of the universe, is always considered to give happiness in a human being’s life. Not only humans, it is believed to be the central force of this universe because of which the living beings exist. It is a medicine which can drag a person from the verge of death and give him the hope of leading a blissful life. 

It’s so difficult to accept the killings due to love increasing day by day. Yes, it sounds ironic but the reason stands true if we dissect the situations. These murders are named as honor killings as to prevent the honors of the families. An honorable feeling is blamed for honor killings; it is so disgusting in itself. Couples marrying each other for the sake of love are strangled in the name of caste and community. It shows that caste is higher than love and even much higher than the love of the blood relation. Yes, the revenge is taken from one’s own daughter, sister or son. The mother who gives birth to the child strangles her if she dares to choose a man of her choice. Is this protection of honor or the revelation of the animal instincts hidden inside those demons? 

Leaving everything aside, the matter of discussion is the benefit if any of the parties achieve through this. The couple leaves forever, the parents lose their child and the incident only encourages more such occurrences in the society. How we can forget that the things hidden or restricted always create curiosity and violations. The need is to understand the changes in the society and make the young generation understand with love rather than by killing their love partners. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Are You Ready to Marry?

Some of the questions which should be taken into consideration by both man and woman before saying yes for marriage.

These are some of the questions which should be asked from one’s own self before agreeing for marriage.


1. The first question should be whether you are compatible with your partner or not. You should check if you and your partner share the same interests, values and outlook towards life. And the most important question should be whether you like your partner as a person and not just as a passing romantic interest.

2. You should make sure that you are ready to commit to your partner and to the marriage. You should also be emotionally stable and mature enough for a commitment that comes with no guarantees. 

3. Check yourself if you are ready to take the responsibility of another person. And also make sure that you are ready and able to start a family and take care of it.

4. Ask yourself if you are financially secure and stable with long terms plans

5. Last but not the least , you should be very clear in your mind about the social and family set up of your partner

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Significance of Small Business Management Consulting

With the increased competition in the business world whether small or big and every business owner craving for establishing the best and the most profitable business, it is always a wise decision to opt for small business management consulting. It may be considered by many people as an added cost to one’s investments however, in reality, if used properly, it proves to be a great asset. 

It has been seen that mostly small businesses ignore the significance of business management consulting. They should understand that big businesses have reached that stage as they have got better consultation and thus greater returns for their investment. 

The changes suggested by small business management consulting in fact helps in making more money or in investing both valuable time as well as money at more profitable places. 

Only a surface level analysis is enough for a consultant to point out the reasons for your dwindling or weak market position. So, he helps in analyzing your business as per the market place and puts it in a better competitive position. 

Better positioning of your business makes it more profitable as well as marketable. With small business management consulting, you get a wonderful option to earn more profit by increasing the production and reducing costs. 

The proper management and guidance of the consultants can help you in fulfilling the primary goals for your business. With a clear purpose and goal, the small business gets a better chance of growth as well as maintenance. 

The fact can’t be denied that the help of a third party proves to be a bane for increasing the benefits earned from a business to a great extent. Small businesses manly focus on limiting their expenses for which they generally avoid taking help of small business management consulting. However, they should understand the crux that helps from management consultants can play a pivotal role in keeping them afloat in the market place. 

Small business owners are often misguided as they think that a management consulting is not of any use for them as they are themselves enough to understand their business. However, they must consider the fact that the major cause of the failure of a small business is the absence of proper knowledge and understanding about the business operation. 

The fact can’t be denies that the small business is set up by you alone, but you also need to understand that there are always some areas for which expert advice is mandatory. Failure in small businesses can be averted to a large extent by taking the help of small business management consulting. A proper consultation helps in analyzing a situation in a far better way and thus prevents the failure of the business. 

The major cause for the failure of the small business is lack of return of investment. Inadequate availability of finances completely badly affects the small business operations and makes them failure. So, in order to manage the operation stages in a better manner and make the small business a success, it is necessary to opt for small business management consulting which can prove to be a miracle for a staggering small business.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Burger Menace in America

Can anyone believe this? The eating habits of America contribute more to global warming than the entire transportation sector. It seems very surprising though it's very true. 
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization have stated that 18 percent of greenhouse gases are coming from animal agriculture market and dairy used in making burgers. 

The human condition is in great peril and this is considered to be the most critical situation for America when it is requested to move away from the standard American diet and embrace an earth friendly, plant based diet. Not only this, if people adopt vegan burgers in their diet instead of non-vegan, it would also help in curtailing further deforestation, top soil erosion and even the ever- worsening tainting of the world's waters. Also, high cholesterol and heart diseases, hypertension, obesity, adult onset diabetes, kidney diseases and many cancers would virtually disappear. But, the great news is that people don't have to give up eating burgers, they just have to make them from plant based ingredients. Veggie burgers have the taste, smell and texture of the traditional burger, but without the harmful ramifications.